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What a summer!

Wow! Can’t believe it’s nearly the end of September! Had a pretty crazy summer on my ‘Round Britain with a banjo’ tour. This involved travelling round in my tiny car going to festivals, busking, playing open mics and doing photo shoots for the forthcoming EP. I calculated that I did 2600 miles - pretty good going! It was so much fun to visit places I’d not spent time in before. Top of the list was Liverpool, which is possibly the friendliest city outside of Sheffield! On my last night I played the open mic at the Cavern pub, which was fantastic! Finished the ‘tour’ up in Edinburgh and the East Lothian coastline - one of my favourite places. Big thanks to Tanwen Llewelyn for taking some very cool photos up there which potentially will be used for the EP artwork.

Now it’s back to work and proper gigs! Very busy over the next few weeks (see gig list). As well as some full sets, I’m privileged to be supporting some amazing acts – Barry ‘the Fish’ Melton (from legendary 60’s Californian band Country Joe and the Fish), Californian singer songwriter John Craigie, Bradford band Hoodoo Operators, and Sheffield’s own lovely Julia Mcinally. #busybanjogirl

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