March 2020

12    Cafe #9, Sheffield (support for Joshua James Jackson)

02    The Flowerpot, Derby

February 2020

07    Al's Juke Bar, Bradford

January 2020

31    Songwriter Series, Lynne's Live Lounge

12    The Greystones, Sheffield  (support for Cup O' Joe)


December 2019

19    Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield


November 2019

30    Malaga Drift Coffee Lounge, Eccles (support for Robin Evans)

16    Shadforth Village Hall, Durham (support for Rhiannon Scutt)

October 2019

17    Cafe #9, Sheffield (support for Rachel Harrington)

05    Leek Blues & Americana festival

September 2019

26    Steel & Wire Songwriters Sessions #6, Sheffield

25    The Carlton Club, Manchester (guest appearance for Chorlton Country Club)

20    Shakespeares, Sheffield (support for M.G. Boulter)

August 2019

23    Jim's Acoustic Cafe, Colne

16-18 Folk East, Suffolk (with Feet First Appalachian)

10/11 Saltburn folk festival (with Feet First Appalachian) 


July 2019

31    The Greystones, Sheffield (with A Different Thread)

27    Arts Barge Riverside festival, York

21    The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

20    The Fat Cat, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

18    The Hubs, Sheffield (support for Whitney Rose)

5/6   Maverick Festival, Suffolk

June 2019

29    Waterfront Festival, Leeds

08    Afternoon Americana, Northern Guitars, Leeds (with A Different Thread)

07    The Dulcimer, Manchester (with A Different Thread)

06    Cafe #9, Sheffield (with A Different Thread)

05    The Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham (with A Different Thread)

May 2019

27    Party in Paradise Square, Sheffield

25    The Running Horse, Nottingham 

18    Get Lilia Movin' fundraiser, Chesterfield

11    Banjo 12, Huddersfield

04    Private house concert, Sheffield

April 2019

18    NEPCO Burton Road Sessions, Kelham Island

March 2019

09    Women of the Seven Hills, Crookes Social Club


February 2019

23    The Running Horse, Nottingham (Support for Ryan Farmer)

15    The County Music Bar, Chesterfield (Support for Arielle)

09    The Foresters Arms, Egham

07    Sofar Sounds, Sheffield


January 2019

25   The Cross Scythes, Sheffield (Support for Treebeard)


December 2018

31   The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield


November 2018

25   The Milestone, Crystal Peaks

23   The Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

11   Crookes Social Club, Sheffield (Support for Martin Stephenson 30th Anniversary tour)


September 2018

30   Porter Cottage, Sheffield

28   Sheffield Makes Music / BBC Music Day

26   Old Hall Hotel, Hope

15   CAST, Doncaster (Support for Rhiannon Scutt)

14   Yellow Arch Studio, Sheffield (Support for Tsarzi album launch)

9     Bell & Castle, Derby

7     The Long Road festival, Leicestershire (Americana Music Association UK selected artist)

August 2018

25   Peakender festival, Bakewell

19   Shuttle Shuffle festival, Bradford

11   Saltburn folk festival, North Yorks (with Feet First Appalachian)

3-8  Sidmouth folk week, Devon (with Feet First Appalachian)

July 2018

22  Devonshire Cat, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

21  Fat Cat, Sheffield (Women of the Seven Hills, Tramlines fringe)

21  Orchard Square, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

20  Devonshire Cat, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

6/7 Maverick Festival, Suffolk

June 2018

23  Leeds Waterfront Festival

9    Peace in the Park, Sheffield

3    Coach & Horses, Dronfield

1    Red Rooster festival, Suffolk (Americana Music Association UK selected artist) 

May 2018

25  Queen Crafthouse, Doncaster

24  Al's Dime Bar, Bradford

5    Running Horse, Nottingham

April 2018

22  Crookes Social Club, Sheffield

20  The Greystones, Sheffield (Support for Amsterdam / Pele)

15  The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield (EP launch)

14  The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield (EP launch)

March 2018

30  Old Hall Hotel, Hope (Refugee fundraiser)

8    Yellow Arch Studio, Sheffield (Women of the Seven Hills)

February 2018

10  100 Club, London (Support for Everly Pregnant Brothers)

4    White Lion, Sheffield

2    The Greystones, Sheffield (Support for Kaia Kater)

January 2018

21  Coach & Horses, Dronfield (Support for Peter Von Toy)

December 2017

28  Al's Dime Bar, Bradford

14  Running Horse, Nottingham

1    Nether Edge Bowling Club, Sheffield (Support for Julia McInally)

October 2017

21  Running Horse, Nottingham (Support for Hoodoo Operators)

20  Al's Dime Bar, Bradford (Support for Hoodoo Operators)

15  Aces & Eights, London (Support for Hoodoo Operators)

14  Kingsdown Vaults, Bristol (Support for Hoodoo Operators)

11  Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

10  Cafe #9, Sheffield (Support for John Craigie)

6    Wisewood Inn, Sheffield (Support for Julia McInally)

1    White Lion, Sheffield

September 2017

29  The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield (Support for Barry Melton)

24  Hagglers Corner, Sheffield

9    Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

August 2017

12/13 Saltburn folk festival (with Feet First Appalachian)

July 2017

23  The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

23  The Bath Hotel, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

22  Gardeners Rest, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

21  Sentinel Brewery, Sheffield (Tramlines fringe)

June 2017

24  The Hallamshire House, Sheffield (Support for Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs)

10  Peace in the Park, Sheffield

May 2017

28  Beauvale Priory, Notts (Folk in the Barn)

March 2017

20  Threadgill's, Austin TX

18  Pete Fest, Austin TX

February 2017

4    Riley's cafe, Sheffield

January 2017

20  Tap & Tankard, Sheffield

19  Cafe #9, Sheffield (Support for Amanda Rheaume)

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