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I don't want to tempt fate... but it seems like things are slowly returning to some kind of normal. I've just updated the gig list on this site and there are some really lovely ones coming up in a few months, so fingers crossed that everything will be able to go ahead.

And the BIG news is... we've been in the studio, recording tracks for a new EP! We had to postpone twice during lockdowns, but this month we finally got in there and made a start. There are some amazing musicians who have helped to bring my songs to life so far, with more to join soon. I can't wait to share the new tracks with you all when they're ready. That'll be a little while yet, so in the meantime I've been working on some new videos. The 'Colour of the Devil' one is now up on my YouTube channel, and there are a couple more coming soon so make sure you're subscribed!

The first big live gig is coming up next month - 'Canal Lines'. This is an outdoor event on the Tramlines weekend, when the whole of Sheffield is buzzing with live music. It was such a shame that it couldn't go ahead last year, so keep everything crossed that it can go ahead this time. We've also rescheduled my Big Birthday Bash gig at the fabulous Dorothy Pax - the new date is 23rd October. Very limited capacity at that one so make sure you get tickets soon if you want to be at the party! Ahh, it feels soooo good to be playing and recording again! Fingers crossed things keep going in the right direction. Take care and stay safe folks, and I hope to see you soon xxx


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