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Playlists and plans...

Well, it's dragging on is this old pandemic isn't it?! I think back in March I really hoped that it would 'blow over' quickly and we'd be back to normal by now. But sadly it looks like we've got to buckle up and stay on this ride for a fair while. I really hope you're all staying safe and sane. I managed to play a socially-distanced outdoor gig at the wonderful Dorothy Pax in Sheffield a couple of months ago and it felt soooo good to play again. I hope to get the chance to play some more live gigs soon. I miss it so much!

I've been using the time to do some planning though! I have so many songs in my live set now that I feel I definitely need a recording strategy! A full album is in the pipeline for the future (the songs are there but the funding isn't!), but in the meantime I'm starting work on a single and a second EP, and I can't wait! I've also had a really cool idea for a stand-alone theatre-type show as a side project that I'm developing, so I'll keep you updated on that as it grows.

Last month I set aside some time to create a playlist on Spotify called 'Banjo Sisters', showcasing the massive breadth of talent and styles of female banjo players. I did a little bit of investigating, and when I looked on a few famous banjo / guitar brands' websites, their artist endorsement pages generally featured a very heavy male bias - in most cases females only making up a fifth to a quarter of featured artists (and in one case a tenth!!). So, I decided we needed a bit of a big-up and a shout-out! Time to show the world that there's a large female banjo army out there! Head on over and check it out.

Oh, and don't forget it's Bandcamp Friday again this week where they waive their fees and all the money goes directly to the artists. The perfect time to buy the first EP, or my lovely wooden merch if you haven't already! And any other independent artists' merch that you like - we appreciate your support so much. OK, signing off for now. Stay safe everyone and I hope it isn't long before I get to see you xx

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