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Join the banjo army!

Hi everyone! Hope you're managing to keep well, safe and relatively sane in these crazy times. Seeing as I've got quite a lot of extra time at the moment, I've started a new YouTube channel called 'Frailing at life' (see what I did there!) specifically for beginners' tutorials. So if you've always fancied having a go at the banjo, now's your chance! It's the style I play (clawhammer / frailing) and it's starting right from scratch for complete beginners. So if you really want to annoy your neighbours, I can help - just hit the subscribe button here on the tutorials page of the website!

I've also finally got around to setting up a proper store on my Bandcamp page, so now you can order CDs and merch over there. Follow the link on the 'Store' tab on here. Any support during these tough times is hugely appreciated.

Take care folks, and I hope to see you back out there soon :)

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