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All you need is good music and good friends!

I'm lucky that the last couple of months have been filled with both of these things! I've played some really lovely gigs with some really lovely friends. At the start of June I did a mini tour with A Different Thread (Robert and Alicia, pictured) which saw us play in Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds. And at the end of July they're back in Sheffield to play the Greystones. I'm very happy to be playing a support spot at this gig - it'll be a great night (see gig page for ticket link).

Other highlights of the last couple of months have included recording some live videos at the NEPCO Burton Road Sessions (see video page for a teaser clip and my YouTube channel for the full-length versions), playing my first house concert, playing to an audience of dedicated banjo enthusiasts (!) at the Eagle Music / Deering Banjos event 'Banjo 12', and recording three videos on a boat near Wales for the 'Narrowboat Sessions'. Watch this space for the results! Then it's a really busy July coming up...kicking off with the lovely Maverick festival this weekend (which will be another weekend of good music and good friends - all you need!). This is the life!

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